Over the Holiday season of 2019 – 2020 – from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day – I did a series of articles focusing on the Six Paramitas or Six Transcendent Actions as they deal with every day life topics. The definitions of the six were:

  • Generosity is giving what you have to the moment.
  • Discipline is doing what the moment requires.
  • Patience is letting the moment be exactly what it is.
  • Effort is filling the moment to its fullest potential.
  • Wisdom is learning from the truth at the heart of the moment.
  • Concentration is being fully connected to the moment.

Concentration, Meditation and the Point of Sex.

Wisdom: The Backwards Child, Finding Wisdom in the Moment.

Effort: The Women Who Were Also There

Patience: Finding Joy on the Back of the Tree

Discipline: Navigating Hug Season for Those Who Hate Touch

Generosity: Thanksgiving Across the Great Divide.